Table Games

If you have a concept for a new table game and need help with the math, look no further.  I have analyzed hundreds of table games, including every popular game currently on the casino floors.  With thousands of lines of computer code, Michael is ready and able to analyze any variant of blackjack, poker, pai gow poker, baccarat, craps, and any other game concept you may think of.  Much like with any game, Michael doesn’t just do math but will work with his clients to improve the game to make it fun for players and profitable for casinos. Making it in the world of table games is very competitive and difficult.  You will need a rock solid game to have a fighting chance and Michael will strive to take your concept and work with you to turn it into a polished gem.

If you are new to the business of inventing and marketing table games, let me warn you it is a very difficult industry to penetrate, not to mention succeed in. The question is not whether your game will make money for the casino, but whether it will make MORE money than the table it replaces. Before going down that rabbit hole, I recommend you read my writings on getting started in my Game Inventors Corner (link to

Side Bets

Adding lots of side bets to common domain games like blackjack, baccarat, and pai gow poker is the order of the day.  Whether you’re inventing them or thinking of putting them on your casino floor, Michael has analyzed hundreds of them across dozens of different games.  Side bets can cause a game to make less money as a result of advantage play and fewer hands per hour. Michael has seen the usual mistakes made with side bets and can design one that is simple to explain to players, easy and fast for dealers to adjudicate, safe from advantage play, and make a game more profitable.

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